About the project

  • GrowArena is a global scale stadium
  • every player is a learner
  • every player belongs to a community
  • player can be an founder, an admin or learner
  • each community have many topics
  • each topic have many learning resources
  • each topic have many schedulable live sessions
  • users can comments on community or topic
  • users can review each others
  • users can search every data: founder, admin, learner, community, topic, ...

Work scope

Backend development, cloud deployment & monitoring

  • Completely rewrite Java app to NodeJS based on Next.js
  • Develop Next.js's RPC protocol for secure, fast, mobile ready & maximum dev productivity
  • Deeply integrate BigBlueButton into Next.js
    • Single sign on for BigBlueButton & GrowArena
    • Sync GrowArena's user roles with BigBlueButton roles
    • Create BigBlueButton's Rooms based on GrowArena Scheduled Live Session
    • Extend BigBlueButton with live emoticons interaction
  • Working with design team from V-Studio


Image: realtime learning collaboration app